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Why do so many mergers fail? What are the missing keys to making merger integration succeed? Find answers to those questions and more right here—brought to you by Avenue, the M&A brand and marketing experts for mid-size B2B.

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Leading Organizations Through Big Change

How to use business, brand and communication strategies to ensure that employees embrace “Big Change,” as with a merger, new leadership or new market entry.

Brand-Driven Approach Accelerates Post-Merger Integration

Learn how to leverage branding to make merger integration go more smoothly and quickly.

How B2B CMOs Can Use Brand as a Change Agent

Discover how B2B CMOs are playing a more strategic role in driving change and growth.

6 C-Suite Steps to M&A Success

Practical advice on how C-level leaders, and their organizations, can succeed in merger integration.

Effective Renaming in M&A: If, when, how and why (or why not)

Identity is key to succeeding with a merger—but that doesn’t always mean a name change. Learn when to consider new verbal ID.

Is Your Competition Managing Your Merger?

Competitors love to steal employees and customers during mergers. Find out how to fend of the predators.

How B2B CMOs can Boost Mergers and Acquisitions

Learn how strategically focused CMOs can help significantly boost the odds of merger success.

Get the must-have kit for every marketer facing a merger

Misalignment on culture, brand and sales is a leading cause of merger failure. This free, step-by-step kit equips your leadership team through a simple workshop to identify key areas of misalignment so they can get united on next steps.