TEDx work wins CA Design Award

award-winning designs

Avenue developed the branding and promotional efforts for TEDx Midwest—including the theme “Hidden Gems”— and also designed all of the communication materials. Our efforts were recognized for excellence by the CA Design Awards.

Here are 10 Hidden Gems we found at TEDx and wanted to share with you:

Futurist Stephan Petranek noted eight ways the world could end tomorrow.

“Success doesn’t create happiness. Happiness creates success.”

—Jenn Lim, on co-creating Zappos’ culture book with CEO Tony Hsieh

Saturday Night Live veteran Julia Sweeney read from her new book, If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother.

In his heartfelt talk, Rare Genomics Institute founder Jimmy Lin shared the hope his team is bringing to children with rare diseases, and showed what real superheroes look like.

Computer security expert Frank Heidt showed how it’s the basic tasks—performing auto updates, using different passwords for different accounts—that give you a 90% chance of protecting your identity from hackers.

“Embrace serendipity. If you plan everything, you can’t get lucky.”

—Joi Ito, Director of MIT media lab

Growing your own food will change your perspective on life. That’s how guerilla gardener Ron Finley is eradicating food deserts in LA while teaching the urban poor to appreciate nutrition. His ovation-inducing mantra: “Plant some shit.”

If Earth were the size of a basketball, the amount of fresh water available could fit inside a BB. Dave Gallo, Director of Special Projects at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, revealed that even though Earth is covered by 70% water, conserving our freshwater reserves is beyond imperative.

If you need a copy of your PowerPoint presentation, you print it. But what if you need a new liver or kidney?

MacArthur prize-winning architect Jeanne Gang, whose notable work includes Chicago’s Aqua Building, showed how blending architecture with nature can strengthen our communities and reduce our carbon footprint.

A few ways Avenue, and our award-winning design, brought TEDxMidwest to life: