7 ways branding boosts B2B

Time: 1-2 minutes

Branding isn’t about logos; it’s about uncovering your organization’s true reason for being (your purpose) and what you uniquely provide (your promise) to customers. B2B organizations that clearly define, fully understand and consistently communicate their purpose and promise can:

1) Align employees
A clear brand strategy helps align employees and improve operations across your organization. Once established and communicated, the entire company can use your brand purpose and promise to clarify decision-making and catalyze teams, especially across large and geographically dispersed organizations.

2) Elevate sales
A brand strategy can elevate the performance of sales reps. It sets the stage for a better understanding of customer needs and your competitive differentiators. It enables salespeople to leverage all proven purchase motivators, including the rational and emotional influencers that drive buyer behavior.

3) Enhance experience
Your brand strategy establishes your differentiating purpose and promise, and sets the criteria for your customer experience. The more motivating, even inspiring, a brand is, the more it enhances the customer experience and subsequent incentive to stay loyal.

4) Create preference
Strong brands create awareness and preference. They’re like people at an overcrowded convention; only the most compelling stand out and attract a crowd. Brands with a well-defined and strong reason for being, and that are uniquely differentiated, command attention and purchase preference.

5) Command a premium
Several studies have shown that B2B decision-makers are willing to pay more for strong brands because they make their lives easier by “instilling trust and confidence, and reducing risk.” Distinctive brands do far more than command attention. It’s proven they also command a premium in the marketplace.

6) Accelerate growth
Research studies have concluded that B2B organizations need robust, coherent brands to hit their targeted growth goals. Conversely, without the “robustness” that encompasses all the above branding advantages, organizations may have difficulty developing the marketplace momentum required for significant, sustained growth.

7) Boost EBITDA
The value of B2B branding is ultimately found at the bottom line. Data shows that strong B2B brands significantly outperform category rivals EBITDA.

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