Who we help

We focus exclusively on mid-sized B2B companies
and business units that operate in complex selling environments.


And many more ...

Our typical client profile:

  • Complex product and service offerings
  • National and international
Sales force
  • Direct and distributor
  • Indirect: account managers, service technicians, etc.
  • Multichannel and multistep distribution
  • Multiple paths of distribution
Selling environment
  • Intricate and lengthy decision-making process
  • Layers of gatekeepers, influencers and decision-makers
  • Triggered by a disruptive event
  • Seeking new pathways to long-term growth
  • Recognize the need to change current marketing strategies and processes

Triggers of change

Our clients are often in or entering a time of Big Change, which is the catalyst for new expectations for the performance of their business.

We love clients with...

Complicated offerings

Got a product that takes three meetings to explain? Got a product that's not really a product? Do you make the things that go in other things? Great. We speak your language.

Convoluted ecosystems

Some companies make a product and sell it directly to customers who use it. Where's the challenge in that? Our clients often sell through a tangled web of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, sales forces, brokers, influencers, purchasers, installers, customers and users. Solving these Gordian knots—that’s the fun part.

Protracted sales cycles

Our clients live in a world where sales cycles are commonly measured in months and years, with intricate decision-making processes and extensive touchpoints that require loads of preparation and persistence. It’s the kind of challenge that results in huge, hard-fought victories. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

Unknown brand names

Anyone can build awareness for a Fortune 100 name. We're into brands that fly under the radar, the ones with the most to gain. Our job is to make them known, preferred, chosen, loved—not by the man on the street, but by the people who matter to their business.

Unsung industries

Most business takes place far away from the public limelight. That’s the kind we’re most interested in: the businesses that make business work and the companies that keep industries moving. We let other firms chase after sizzle—we'll gladly focus on substance.

But most of all, we love leaders with outsized ambitions

We’re drawn to leaders with passion for their business, a vision for the future and the guts to do what it takes. They’re the ones we want to work with. Because they’re the ones who make great things happen.

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