Strategy is the beginning of every relationship. Then, for a select set of clients, we help them flawlessly activate their new plans.

Scope and scale

The scope and scale of every strategy engagement varies depending on your specific triggers and issues—for example, a product launch has different needs than the merger of two brands as result of an acquisition—yet our approach remains consistent:

The process

Our approach, called Purpose & PromiseTM, begins with a 65-point assessment of your business culture, current marketing and sales efforts, competition and industry trends and customer needs. This assessment uncovers the internal and external insights, opportunities and considerations upon which the new strategy can be built. This first phase culminates in a findings presentation with your leadership team.

In the second phase, the strategic planning process begins, driven by a series of collaborative planning workshops. Part workshop, part think tank and part retreat—our workshops involve leadership, mid-level management and front-line employees; for an even broader perspective we often include customers, distributors, industry experts and outside innovators.


The result is a bold new strategy for the way you align your organization, go to market and engage customers. Deliverables typically consist of a 3–5 year Strategy Roadmap, a 12–18 month tactical Go-To-Market Plan and a Brand Blueprint that articulates all aspects of your market presence and message, how you differentiate from the competition and position your business as a market leader.

With these tools and plans you will be ready to activate your new strategy, either with your own resources or—for those seeking to elevate their standards and accelerate results—the award-winning talents of Avenue.

Internal outcomes

  • Clearly defined goals and priorities create buy-in and alignment, and eliminate misinterpretation, among key constituents
  • Clear and compelling mission, vision and values—and an organizational rally cry
  • Criteria to guide policymakers, and marketing and business decisions
  • Clearly defined brand position and market messages
  • Defined requirements and accountabilities necessary for implementing the final strategy
  • Tools you can use to begin internal communications
  • The ability to mobilize large groups—leaders, managers, employees and partners—toward a common goal

External outcomes

  • Highly differentiated brand position and identity
  • Clarified product/brand architecture
  • New names and naming systems
  • A platform for thought leadership based on registered intellectual property and thought capital
  • Distributor and customer classifications
  • A comprehensive go-to-market strategy with clearly defined objectives and priorities for both internal and external audiences and needs
  • Pre-established interest and buy-in among top partners and customers


Our approach is a proven process that energizes your team and creates a wide aperture for collecting new perspectives and thinking that ultimately yields innovative new go-to-market strategies.

Additionally, our unique approach creates buy-in and support for the final strategy, aligns your team and accelerates your ability to implement.

Activities and deliverables

  • Immersion meetings
  • Strategy workshops
  • Brand identity and naming
  • Audits and analysis
  • Brandscape presentations
  • Go-to-market plans
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Brand blueprint
  • Vision roadmaps
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