Revolutionizing the perishable foods supply chain from the farm to the store.

Tosca, a 58-year-old Wisconsin-based logistics company, ships perishables across North America in reusable containers. Seeing an opportunity in an industry poised for growth, a private equity firm acquired Tosca and a related business unit of Georgia Pacific. The combined entity, “the new Tosca,” had aspirations of becoming the dominant national player in this industry.

Tosca engaged Avenue to help their leadership team accelerate the post-merger integration of the two companies and cultures, establish the vision of the new company, and develop a brand and marketing strategy to help them find a pathway to rapid growth.

Three core insights that drove our overarching strategy: customers wanted a supply chain partner vs. a container supplier, none of Tosca’s competitors were fulfilling that need, and Tosca’s people wanted a friendlier, more human brand and clear vision of the future.

To bring the new vision to life, we created a go-to-market strategy to guide Tosca through its transformation with both internal and external audiences, and a comprehensive new brand strategy, value proposition and identity.

To rollout the strategy internally, a series of roadshow events and communication tools—such as Strategy Storybooks and explainer videos—enabled leadership to align the organization and explain to employees how Tosca was changing from being a container provider to a logistics partner, and how the two existing cultures where being united.

To introduce the new Tosca to customers, sales reps were armed with new messaging and tools that communicate the new value proposition, capabilities, and brand promise.

The new Tosca strategy is driving increased employee engagement and organizational alignment, and generating inquiry and interest among customers.

“We’re already seeing more leads and more interest in our work. Customers now understand what we can do for them, and it’s broader than what we’ve done in the past.”


Engagement highlights

From …

  • Differing corporate cultures
  • Unaligned offering and value proposition
  • Unsophisticated and inconsistent market presence and message
  • Employee anxiety and declining engagement
  • Unclear brand positioning
  • Ad hoc sales process and toolset

To …

  • Clear and compelling value proposition
  • Re-energized and aligned employee base
  • Highly differentiated brand identity
  • Expert position and voice in the marketplace
  • Updated suite of sales engagement tools


Key deliverables and activities

  • Customer and employee research
  • Brand strategy and architecture
  • Brand identity development
  • Mission, vision and values definition
  • Value proposition and messaging strategy
  • Strategic planning facilitation
  • Internal/external go-to-market strategy

Strategic planning

Findings presentation

Employee engagement research

Strategy workshop

Strategy workshop

Go-to-market plan

Strategy workshop

Messaging plan


Key deliverables and activities

  • Brand and identity design
  • Internal/external go-to-market strategy
  • Brand standards and guidelines
  • Integrated marketing and communications materials (emails, events, messaging, video, collateral)
  • Sales tool development

Photography and guidelines


Identity design

Brand identity and logo

Strategy storybook

Brand strategy


Strategy storybook

Strategy storybook

Brand identity guidelines

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