Helping an information company reflect its corporate evolution and reignite passion in employees

For more than 40 years, TransUnion was thought of simply as a credit bureau.

Recently, with ambitious new growth goals TransUnion made significant investments in its business, and evolved into a global risk and information solutions provider for a variety of businesses, many outside its financial services beginnings. It was also entering into new markets in other countries and adding significant new products that were helping to reshape how information could be used.

TransUnion engaged Avenue to develop a new brand strategy that would be reflective of the evolving company. This included synthesizing inputs from around the company that articulated a unifying purpose statement, defining a compelling brand position, clarifying the value proposition and messaging, and developing a powerful new identity.

The result is a purpose-driven brand platform that articulates the company’s vision, creates a new sense of pride and passion in its associates, and sets TransUnion apart.

“Avenue understood the vision of where we are going and they did an outstanding job teasing out and refining a brand strategy that reflects that. They listened, pushed us past our comfort zone and brought it all to life. The resulting brand platform will help the world, and ourselves, see and think about TU in a new way, and help position us for further growth.”


Engagement highlights

  • Compelling and consistent brand and messaging
  • Impassioned and engaged employees aligned on a single purpose
  • Clearly articulated value proposition
  • Differentiated offerings


Key deliverables and activities

  • Purpose / mission workshop
  • Brand strategy and positioning workshops
  • Business strategy roadmap
  • Brand positioning and persona
  • Brand and product positioning and architecture
  • Internal and external launch plan
  • Messaging strategy
  • Thought leadership
  • International planning and messaging workshop
  • Global technology planning workshop
  • Product architecture and messaging for new healthcare division
  • Internal brand training and messaging strategy development for leaders and associates

International strategy workshop

International strategy workshop

Employee workshop

Strategy workshop

Strategy workshop

Brand architecture

Go-to-market plan

Vision roadmap

Brand audit


Key deliverables and activities

  • New logo and identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Photography library
  • Iconography system and custom font
  • Leadership and associate launch materials and activities
  • Brand launch videos
  • Brand blueprint
  • Brand conversion and template system
  • Product/brand architecture
  • Ongoing brand conversion support
  • Thought leadership

Logo and brand guidelines


Leadership launch event

Employee launch event

Launch event swag

Digital launch material

Employee engagement

Strategy storybook

Strategy storybook

Web design and iconography